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Monday, February 18, 2013

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Introduction to Data Warehousing Concepts

i. What is Data Warehousing?

ii. Need for Data warehousing

iii. OLTP Databases Vs DW

iv. Multi-dimensionality

v. Star Schema


Module 1: Introduction o SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

This module introduces the role that Integration Services plays in extracting,

transforming, and loading data. This module also describes

the tools that you can use to build and manage Integration

Services solutions.

• Overview of Integration Services Solutions

• Integration Services Tools

Module 2: Developing Integration Services Solutions

This module provides an overview of the development tasks that are involved in

creating an Integration Services package. After completing this module, you will be able to create a basic package.

• Creating an Integration Services Solution

• Using Variables

• Building and Running a Solution

Module 3: Implementing Control Flow This module introduces the tasks and precedence constraints that you can

use to implement control flow in an Integration Services package .

• Control Flow Tasks

• Control Flow Precedence Constraints

• Control Flow Containers

Module 4: Implementing Data Flow

This module describes the data flow sources, transformations, and destinations that you can use

to implement a data flow task in an Integration Services control flow. It also explains how to use

data flow paths to direct valid and invalid rows through the data flow.

• Data Flow Sources and Destinations

• Data Flow Transformations

• Data Flow Pipeline

Module 5: Implementing Logging

This module discusses how to use logging in an Integration Services package, and explains how to

configure and use logging providers to generate information about a package’s execution.

• Overview of Integration Services Logging

• Implementing Logging

Module 6: Implementing Checkpoints and Transactions

This module explains what checkpoints are and how to implement them . It then discusses transactions, and

describes how you can implement transactional data access logic in an

Integration Services package.

• Implementing Checkpoints

• Implementing Transactions

Module 7: SSIS Administration.

This module discusses how to create Package Configurations and how to deploy Integration

Services packages to production servers. Package Configurations

• Deploying Packages

• Managing Packages


Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

This module introduces the role tha t Reporting Services plays in an organization's reporting life

cycle, the key features offered by Reporting Services, and the components that make up the

Reporting Services architecture.

Overview of SQL Server Reporting Services

Installing Reporting Services

Reporting Services Tools

Module 2: Authoring Reports

This module introduces the fundamentals of report authoring, including

configuring data sources and data sets, creating tabular reports, summarizing data, and applying

basic formatting.

Creating a Basic Table Report

Formatting Report Pages

Calculating Values

Interactive Navigation

Displaying Data

Module 3: Manipulating Data Sets

This module explores data sets to a greater depth, including the use of alternative data

sources and interacting with a data set through

the use of parameters. Students learn how to dynamically modify the data set underlying

a data region by allowing parameters to be sent to the underlying query. They also learn

to use best practices to implement static and dynamic parameter lists when interacting

with queries and stored procedures.

Defining Report Data

Using Parameters and Filters

Using Parameter Lists

Using web service

Module 4: Using Report Models

This module describes how to create a report model so that business users can create their own

reports without using the full Report Designer development environment. Students also learn

how to use Report Builder to create a report from a report model.

Creating Report Models Using Report Builder

Module 5: Publishing and Executing Reports This module explains the various options you can

use to publish reports to the report server and execute them.

Publishing Reports

Executing Reports

Creating Cached Instances

Creating Snapshots and Report History

Module 6: Using Subscriptions to Distribute Reports

This module describes how to implement subscriptions so that you can distribute reports either automatically

by e -mail or by publishing reports to a shared folder. Introduction to Report Subscriptions Creating Report

Subscriptions Managing Report Subscriptions

Module 7: SSRS Administration

This module discusses how to administer the Reporting Services server, how to monitor and

optimize the performance of the report server, how to maintain the Reporting Service s

databases, and how to keep the system secure .

Server Administration

Performance and Reliability Monitoring

Administering Report Server Databases

Security Administration



Introduction to Analysis Services

This module introduces the role that Analysis Services plays in an organization's, the

key features offered by Analysis Services, and the components that make up the Analysis

Services architecture



SSAS Architecture

Dimension Tables

Fact tables


Analysis Services Tools

Module 2:

Cube Design process and Concepts This module introduces the role that Cube plays in Analysis Services, and the

components that make up the Analysis Services Cube


Measure Groups

Creating simple calculations

Aggregations and Hierarchies

Dimension Relationships



Module 3:

Advanced Cube Design Process This module introduces Advanced Methods like KPI,

Actions and Write back that make up the Analysis Services Cube.

MDX introduction and Queries

Implementing KPI

Implementing Actions

Using Write back

Module 4:

SSAS Administration

This Module provides understanding of production management activities like security, deploying, processing and

scheduling Analysis tasks

Applying Security Roles

Levels of Security VLDB

with partitioning OLAP


Monitoring Cube Activity

Deployment and Scheduling

Planning for Disaster and Recovery


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