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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Detail Description About MCTS

So why is this exam difficult? I think it’s because of the amount of detail in the questions. You can expect very detailed questions about, for example, properties of SSIS, SSAS and SSRS.Let’s look at the exam topics of exam 70-445: (full list: Microsoft Learning)The following list includes the topic areas covered on this exam. The percentage indicates the portion of the exam that addresses a particular skill.• Managing SSAS (12 percent)• Developing SSAS Solutions by Using BIDS (18 percent)• Implementing data mining by Using BIDs (12 percent)• Managing SSRS (13 percent)• Developing Reporting Solutions by Using SSRS (19 percent)• Developing Business Intelligence Solutions by Using SSIS (16 percent)• Administering SSIS Packages (11 percent)Datamining Notice that data mining is an important topic of this exam. I know that a lot of people score poor on the data mining questions so take your time to master enough knowledge!A lot of the questions have focus on deployment and maintenance. This exam is not about, for example, SSIS tasks and transformations but it is about the deployment of SSIS packages and the working and use of transactions.Training KitI used the 70-445 Training Kit from Microsoft Press to prepare for the exam: AmazonThis book will help you a lot while preparing for the exam! It is full of effective information and contains a lot of hands-on labs and test questions. A must have, if you ask me!Number of questions and completing timeAs last I can tell you that the exam contains 53 questions and you have 150 minutes to complete it. You will have time enough, so don’t worry about it. You need to score 700 points out of 1000 to pass.
Question typesThe 70-445 exam is multiple choice, there are no questions that you need to answer by typing text.There are 3 types of questions:
1.This type of question is the easiest one. One answer can be selected only. I think 60% of the questions are of this type.
2.This type of question is harder then type 1. More answers can be selected. In this example only 2 answers should be selected, this can vary. I remember questions with 3 answers that should be selected and also questions where you will be asked to pick 1 or more good answers. I think 25% of the questions are of this type.

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