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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SQL Server 2005 – Use “FileStream”

We are getting problem while we are inserting the data into database for especially datatype of varbinary and image .Instead of using those datatype we have one more better option like - Filestream storage type. As you are probably aware, varbinary and image are very difficult data types to handle and it is a pain to manage them. Filestream storage overcomes all the limitations and has emerged as a true winner in terms of storage.
With FILESTREAM, the SQL Server team not only added a feature to handle unstructured data, but also made sure that it smoothly integrates with many of the existing features of SQL Server.
· FILESTREAM feature is available with all versions of SQL Server 2008, including SQL Server Express.
· SQL Server Express database has a 4 GB limitation; however this limitation does not apply to the FILESTREAM data stored in a SQL Server Express database.
· FILESTREAM Columns can be replicated.
· FILESTREAM enabled databases can be used with LOG Shipping
· FILESTREAM columns can be used in Full Text Indexes
· FILESTREAM works with all recovery models
· FILESTREAM File Groups can be placed on compressed disk volumes
· The maximum size of the file that can be stored into the FILESTREAM data storage is limited by the size of the disk volume only.

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