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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MSBI-Data Mining

What is data Mining???
Data mining is usually defined as searching, analyzing and sifting through large amounts of data to find relationships, patterns, or any significant statistical correlations. With the advent of computers, large databases and the internet, it is easier than ever to collect millions, billions and even trillions of pieces of data that can then be systematically analyzed to help look for relationships and to seek solutions to difficult problems. Besides governmental uses, many marketers use data mining to find strong consumer patterns and relationships. Large organizations and educational institutions also data mine to find significant correlations that can enhance our society.
Purpose of Data Mining?
Data mining uses a relatively large amount of computing power operating on a large set of data to determine regularities and connections between data points. Algorithms that employ techniques from statistics, machine learning and pattern recognition are used to search large databases automatically. Data mining is also known as Knowledge-Discovery in Databases (KDD).
You can see video about Data Mining from the below link.


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