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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to generate SSRS Report and How to deploy in MOSS

Here you can learn how to deploy/integrate a SSRS report with MOSS application.

Report Server has been configured for SharePoint Integration Mode.
SharePoint Report Server Integration Feature is activated.
Appropriate Content Types (Report Builder, Report Builder Report, Report Data Source) have been added to a Document Library within a site.

For further information on these configuration topics, see Deploying SSRS with SharePoint Integration.

Assume the following server/site/library/folder names:
• Server Name = MyServer
• SP Site = SiteABCReports
• Doc Library = SSRS Reports
• Data Sources Folder (optional) = Data Sources
• Report Models Folder (optional) = Models
• Reports Folder (optional) = Reports

Deploy Report Designer Reports

From within a SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio (BIDS) Report Server Project, go to the project’s Property Page (right-click project in Solution Explorer and select Properties).
Apply the following deployment settings:
• Overwrite ExistingDataSources = True
• TargetDataSourceFolder = http://MyServer/SSRS%20Reports/[Data%20Sources]
• TargetReportFolder = http://MyServer/SSRS%20Reports/[Reports]
• TargetServerURL =http://MyServer

Where [‘xxx’] denotes optional.

Things to note:

• A TargetReportFolder must be specified. The folder can be the document library or a folder within the document library.
• The TargetDataSourceFolder is optional. If one is not specified, the Data Source will be deployed to the TargetReportFolder.
• For both target properties, if the folder within the document library does not already exist, it will be created upon deployment.
• Relative paths are not valid.
• The replacement of the space character with %20

See the below article for step-by-step approach to deploy the report on MOSS.

Here you can download some of the sample SSRS reports,it’s really nice work.

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